10 Things I learned this Weekend

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  1. Mobile App Checkout is the way of the future. All the registers at Sam’s Club went down with no idea when they would come back up. I was able to flawlessly checkout, pay, and get the hell out of Sam’s all through their mobile app. Checkouts will go away.
  2. There are still quite a few people who go to the library to use computers. From what I observed it’s just for YouTube and games. Still more than you would expect though.
  3. People are extremely price aware when there are alternatives in the same market. When I was in the new Whole Foods in Shreveport, LA, I heard “Don’t get that here. We will get that at [Insert other grocery store]. It’s cheaper there.” People seemed to literally only be buying the items exclusive to Whole Foods. This is something to keep in mind when offering services and products. It seems you either have to win on price or offer a product that kills it in the value department.
  4. Somehow being in a quiet room is awkward for me. I can no longer sit in a quiet room without feeling like something is missing. I am so plugged in all the time that either music is always playing, the tv is on, or I am talking/texting someone. I have a feeling this is either a cause or a side effect of not being able to focus on one thing at a time.
  5. Canva is a pretty badass tool for creating graphics, ads, infographics, etc. Sure it can’t do as much as a graphic artist, but for someone lacking the funds for a graphic artist it does a bang up job.
  6. No matter how much I try I can’t enjoy K-Cups as much as I enjoy a cup of good coffee made in my Aeropress or a French Press. K-Cup coffee just tastes burnt. It doesn’t seem to matter what brand of coffee or which Keurig machine I use. I feel like the existence of these machines is solely based on people’s perception that they have no time (including mine). My AeroPress cost me $25 and makes coffee in 5 minutes tops, but I still use a Keurig because of the convenience. The sad part…. The cup of coffee is 10x better out of the AeroPress.
  7. Few things make me happier than a cup of coffee (Even a mediocre one), good music, good conversation with a friend, and a smile on my grandmother’s face. Over the past week, I have had the pleasure of experiencing all of those, but it surely doesn’t happen often enough.
  8. Songs like this make me smile and, possibly, sing and dance around my apartment like an idiot:
  9. Money is just a number that I am putting way too much emphasis on.
  10. To be fair, I have spent the last year and a half learning this one, but it really hit home this weekend: It’s going to end for all of us and chances are the shit isn’t going to be pretty. How many people do you know that go peacefully in the night versus via some illness? We all spend way too much time in front of the internet and way too little time doing shit that matters. I am the worse offender.

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