Monthly Archives: February 2017

Thoughts on Charity

How We Live Makes Us Real

We as people have the ability to be incredibly kind given a tragic event that spurs our kindness. For instance, when someone dies my hometown community will come together to bring food to the family during their time of grieving. If someone dies unexpectedly leaving behind a family, people will graciously give money to the […]

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The Past is Over

Classic Cadillac

I often end the day laying in bed listening to music to clear my mind. Typically, I just pick a random radio station or playlist and let it go. Before the first song is over I am lost in thought, so the music really doesn’t matter. It just provides background noise. However, last night I […]

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Overcoming Fear

Jarrod Diving The Great Barrier Reef

In preparation for a trip to Australia, I learned to scuba dive. On the first day of lessons, the first thirty or so minutes in the pool is just me floundering around trying to figure out the whole breathing underwater thing. Once I get that down, The instructor and I start going through drills. One […]

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