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This feels like the 8th or so reincarnation of this website. The first time the focus of Nothing But Gains was all fitness. The second time the focus was fitness, motivation, and not being weak physically and mentally. Both times the direction was not truly my own. I realize, now, I was influenced by and to some extent copying blogs I read frequently. For instance, a lot of the mindset and motivational stuff was a mixture of ideas from Mike at Danger and Play and Victor at Bold and Determined. The fitness information was just a regurgitation of what “experts” have said for the past 30 years. The problem with this is two-fold: First, I was not being myself even though I thought I was. Second, I did a crappy job of regurgitating it and would have always been a knock-off of those more successful than I. I fell into a trap of thinking I had to live up to someone else’s version of success which, ironically, was against everything I was writing.

With this third reincarnation of Nothing But Gains, I don’t have a direction. The only plan I have is to write whatever I want. It may be fitness related, food related, cooking related, or any other topic that interests me. The only real hope I have for this blog is to entertain and, hopefully, provide something useful to the people who read it.

Who is Jarrod Sawyer?

Jarrod at Teddy's Lookout on the Great Ocean Road.

Jarrod at Teddy’s Lookout on the Great Ocean Road.

I like to think of myself as an adventurer, as smarter than the average bear, as interesting, and as an honest, moral human being.

The Truth?

I am none of those, not entirely anyway. The truth is I am on a journey to be all of those things. I am on a mission to have the most fun and get the most out of this life while somehow providing some amount of usefulness to those around me.

Do I Mess Up?

Hell Yeah.

Does It Matter?

Nope. Life ends regardless of if I play by my rules or someone else’s. Regardless of if I mess up or not. I am, slowly, learning success is mine to determine.

My Current Interests:

  • Travel: I love travel. I don’t have some crazy bucket list of places to travel or some goal to travel to 100 counties. I just want to travel….. A fuck load.
  • Online Business: I am currently unemployed. I want to figure out this whole online business thing, provide value to people, leave some sort of impact, and finance my world travel.
  • Coffee: I am obsessed with my morning cup of coffee. Ironically, I can only drink one cup because caffeine tends to trigger migraines for me, but damnitt I am on a quest to make that cup the best fucking cup in the world.
  • Fitness and Nutrition: I love powerlifting and lifting heavy. My current fitness and nutrition goals are to put on some mass and get as strong as I can.
  • Food: I love trying new foods and the best restaurants. Part of what makes travel fun for me is trying all the local cuisines. Plus, loving food comes in handy when you are trying to gain some weight.