Be Inquisitive

Don't ignore your curiosities. Ask questions. Interact!

Today, I was schooled by a kid. On the way to the trash bin at my apartment complex, I was joined by a kid working his summer job. From the moment he joined me, he began asking questions. His first questions were about the apartment complex: What is it like living there, how much does it costs, if the apartments were nice, and the like. Then, the conversation changed to if I was a personal trainer (I was in gym clothes) and what I did for a living. After that, we talked about why he was working his summer job and what he wanted to be when he graduated.

I was impressed by the young man. He was well put together and he listened to my answers intently with genuine curiosity. I don’t imagine that the young man realizes it, but the conversation made me think.

He made me realize that I had lost that natural curiosity. He had no idea what being on your own was like or what it was like to be out of the nest, but he was curious. I can’t remember the last time I was naturally curious about something. In my “busy” life, I tend to just say “ahh well it is what it is” and forget about it.

Perhaps more importantly, the conversation spurred the thought that even when I was curious I asked Google instead of an actual expert. Thing about it, in today’s society we go out of our way not to interact with another person. We simply type the question into Google, get an answer (often an answer from some random jackass who has no expertise in the matter), and thats it. What happened to finding an expert and having an actual conversation? What happened to human interaction?

Long story short, the world is a complex, great, interesting place. Remember that life is about interacting with the world and the people in it not some computer or cell phone. I had forgotten this lesson and it took a 17 year old to remind me.

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