Blood Work

Go get comprehensive blood work done!

Why is this important?

After fighting with seemingly random health problems for the past few years, I had comprehensive blood work done in January 2016 . Sure, I had been to doctors over the years and they ran blood work, but it was always the basic tests which came back mostly normal. Being ignorant, I had no idea that the tests were just checking for the big things and not drilling down into specific health parameters. In January, I had everything the doctor could test, that was reasonable, tested including testosterone, iron, a metabolic panel, liver function, and thyroid.

Within a week, the results were in and we had a starting place. Turns out my serum ferritin was 2000 ng/mL (Normal is 20 – 200 ng/mL) and my transferrin saturation was 98% (Normal is 20%-50%). Long story short this test was the catalyst for a liver biopsy, 2 MRIs, testosterone replacement therapy, thyroid hormone therapy, and phlebotomy once a week all due to iron overload. Without getting comprehensive blood work done, I would have never known about these problems and, eventually, very serious health problems would have arisen. I will write more about my journey in coming posts, but for now: Get Your Blood Work Done! 

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