Daily Writing Prompt: I Don’t Care

I Don't Care. Quote by James Caan

I hate the words “I don’t care,” but I seem to use them all the damn time.

Where or what do you want to eat? I don’t care.

What do you want to watch on Netflix? I don’t care.

What do you want to do today? I don’t care.

The funny thing is, despite my answer, I do care. As the food conversation progresses, I will typically veto something that is suggested. If I truly didn’t care, I would just accept whatever was suggested. The same thing goes for everything else. I am not sure I have ever actually not cared.

But I say I don’t…….

The bigger questions in life get the same answer although in a different form. I don’t out right say I don’t care to questions like “What do you want to do with your life?”, “What are your religious beliefs?”, or “Where do you stand on issue XYZ?” However, my lack of action or bullshit answers scream “I DON’T CARE!”

When in reality I do care.

I do care what happens with political and social issues because they have an effect on me.

I do care about what I do with my life because I do not want to waste my life.

I do care about religion. I have some sort of religious beliefs, but they are my own and not the mainstream view of religion.

For me the answer is simple, I am afraid of the reaction by the other person.

Which is stupid…

Why can’t I have my own opinions?

Why can’t I make suggestions based on what I want?

I can.

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