Daily Writing Prompt: Five Items

What are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

My first thought: A satellite phone, so I could get the fuck off of the deserted island.

My second thought: Does the island already have food?

My third thought: What kind of climate does the island have? Is it hot? Cold?

As you can see, I over complicated the shit out of a simple question. So, to avoid driving myself insane, I am going to say that the island is the tropical island we all think of when we hear the word island with fresh water and some sort of food. Basically, an island that I could survive on without any outside help. Thus, freeing my five items up to not strictly be survival related, (a.k.a. fun).

  1. A Barbell with weights – I have to have something to do on the island and I love working out, so this one is a no-brainer.
  2. A magical computer with a working Spotify account – I love music, so I would like to be able to rock out on the island while I am getting my sun tan.
  3. A notebook – Maybe I can write a great novel or at least the bullshit ramblings of a crazy island guy.
  4. A knife – Knives are useful for all kinds of shit especially cutting up fish and defending myself.
  5. An island girl – Sure I could make it by myself, but why?
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