Do Something Every Day That Makes You Happy

Do Something Every Day That Makes You Happy - Photo by Josh Felise on Unsplash

I am not going to lie…. Finding something that makes me “Fuck! That was awesome!” happy on a daily basis is pretty hard.

Off the top of my head I can think of the following:

  1. Travel
  2. A good cup of coffee
  3. Watching someone I care about have a great time
  4. A good, well prepared meal
  5. Helping someone
  6. Getting lost in a really good song

As you can tell, it becomes a little difficult to make myself “Fuck! That was awesome!” happy on a daily basis. I only have six true options to make myself crazy happy and one of those, (Travel), is difficult to do daily. The other five seem like pretty easy things to implement. Shit, a good cup of coffee, a good meal, and a good song should be simple and the other two are completely in my control.

It’s not that simple.

Think about your last week.

How many “good” cups of coffee did you have? I’m not talking the Folgers in the break room. I am talking coffee grown and roasted by someone who gives a shit and then brewed in something like an AeroPress or a French Press.

What about a good, well prepared meal? I’m not talking about fast food or something you heated in the microwave. I am talking about a meal prepared by a chef (or yourself) with care and love.

How many times have you gotten lost in a good song? I am not talking about most of the shit on the radio. I am talking about one of those songs you listen to and all the shit going on around you just melts away.

I know for me in the last week the coffee has happened three times, the meal once, and the song once, but last week was an anomaly. Normally, I am lucky if I get any of those once in a week.

Now let’s look at the other two options: helping someone and watching someone I care about have a great time. Helping someone seems easy enough, but is it really? Think about it. In your day-to-day life how many times do you go out of your way to help someone? If you are like me, it is rare. Sure if something happens and I am able to help, I do. But most days I just go through my day-to-day life hoping no one fucks with me.

The same goes for watching someone I care about have a great time. The only time I get to see one of the few people I care about actually have a great time is when we do something special like go to a concert or go to a special restaurant.

As you can see, my six things that make me truly happy are anomalies. They seem easy enough but in reality I live life so much on auto-pilot they just go by the wayside.

How can I change that?

Since writing my personal philosophy, I have rethought some aspects of my life. One of which is how to work towards being happy every day. The following are some ways I have come up with to make being happier everyday easier:


I can’t travel all day, every day and if I could I imagine travel would lose some of its wonder.

So, how do I optimize something I can’t do all the time?

I set a goal and plan for it. For instance, right now I am planning a trip for Ireland that is around six months away. The week I spend in Ireland will definitely be “Fuck! That was awesome!” happy because I will be doing awesome travel shit. However, I can also leverage some of the planning stage for “Fuck! That was awesome!” moments. For instance, the day I book the plane ticket, the day I book the Airbnbs, or the time my girlfriend and I spend planning, can all be “Fuck! That was awesome!” moments.

A Good Cup of Coffee

I love fucking coffee and I have super high standards for coffee. That being said this aspect of my life is the low hanging fruit for “Fuck! That was awesome!” moments. Because I know a good cup of coffee means so much to me I have made part of my morning routine brewing a cup of coffee in a French Press. Granted this does not work every day, but for the most part, I can make it happen.

Watching someone I care about having a good time

The easiest way to make this happen is to go do something someone I care about loves. For instance, taking my girlfriend to a rock concert or spending the day with my grandmother or smoking a cigar with my friends.

How can I make it happen more often?

I can pay attention.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that most days I go on about my business while my grandmother watches T.V. or I just lay on the coach watching movies with my girlfriend. Why can’t I take that time and sit on the porch with my grandmother and talk. Why can’t I plan a trip with my girlfriend or drink a cup of coffee and snuggle on the porch with her? I can. The trick is just to pay attention to what is going on around me and change it.

A good, well prepared meal

This one I like to save for times when I am in a new city or a new restaurant opens in my hometown. Sure, I can cook fairly well, but my cooking really isn’t that special. A special meal to me is when someone puts their heart and soul into the meal and you can taste the pride. I don’t want to try and optimize this one. Fucking with this would make it less special.

Helping Someone

This is something I suck at. I have all the best intentions in the world and I know helping someone makes me feel awesome, but I will still drive past someone with a flat tire.

I feel like this is an easy fix. People need help all around us. From random posts on Facebook asking for advice to people with flat tires to the old couple struggling with their iPhone. The opportunity is all around me, but I need to make a more focused effort to actually step up instead of letting the opportunity pass.

Getting lost in a really good song

Honestly, I don’t want to fuck with this one too much. Listening to a great song is special to me. However, I can orchestrate this happening more often by going to more, random concerts and listening to playlists on Spotify.

In short the takeways are to pay attention to what is going on around you (Watching someone I care about having a good time and Helping someone), plan (travel and a good cup of coffee), and don’t fuck with greatness ( a great meal and a great song).

Your Challenge

  1. Identify the things that make you happy
  2. Identify the ways you can add more of them to your life
  3. Take it from me:
    1. Pay attention to what is going on around you
    2. Plan happiness
    3. Don’t fuck with greatness

Going out and finding happiness has been a really big change in my life. I was completely used to just living on auto-pilot and hoping happiness found me. The change is a big one and I am still fucking it up left and right, but I promise that if you start manifesting happiness even just a little bit life gets better pretty quickly!

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