The Monday Morning Rip Off – 10/30/17

The Monday Morning Rip Off

Welcome to the Monday Rip Off….

These are the 5 videos, articles, audio, and products that I have found over the past week that have helped or interested me.


This Rhino Rant specifically touches on something I have been struggling to implement in my life, the 10 minute walk. On the days that I have been successful in taking a 10 minute walk after my meals, I have been hungrier (I’m trying to gain weight), I have had more energy, and my thoughts have been clearer. Now, if I could just figure out how to buckle down and stay consistent.

Side Note: If you haven’t heard of Stan Efferding check out all of his videos. He is one of the few great voices in the fitness industry. He doesn’t throw out bullshit content for likes.


I have been using Avatar Nutrition for a couple of months now and I love it. I have never had struggles staying consistent with a “diet,” but I have always had issues with overthinking how much to eat. Avatar solves that issue for me. Based on my weight, body fat, and goal, Avatar adjusts my Protein, Carbohydrate, and Fat numbers and tells me exactly how much I need to eat for the week.

Currently, I am using Avatar for a bulk and in the two months I have been using it I am up around 4.5 pounds. Also, I am eating way the fuck more carbohydrates than I have ever eaten with no crazy food restrictions. Rather you are a fitness junkie, like me, or just wanting to drop a few pounds, give Avatar a shot. At 10 bucks a month, it is a steal.


My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Ireland in March of 2018, so I have started the processes of planning. During my preliminary search of shit to do, I found two things:

  1. A list of the Top Things to Do in Ireland that is going to be my starting place for planning our trip to Dublin and Belfast
  2. I have to get some new travel clothing, so I thought about the shirts I bought for my last trip. These shirts from Hylete served wonderfully in Germany. I haven’t worn a better feeling t-shirt and they were incredibly pack able. They, also, did well with multiple days of wear without washing. My only complaint is that they take some time to dry because they are super absorptive.


I almost hate this category name….. but I’ll stick with it for the time being.

An article by Benjamin Hardy caught my eye this week and really got me thinking. The article is about how Your Life Is A Reflection Of What You Believe You Deserve. I read the article a week ago and I haven’t quite grasped its significance to me yet. However, what I have grasped is how significant the section entitled “Why Do You Want THIS? Clarify Your Deepest “WHY”” is to me. On Monday of this past week, I sat down and asked myself the question the article describes seven times in a row digging deeper with each iteration. I was completely surprised at my final answer. Turns out my Deepest Why is to “Not Waste My Life.” Who knew?


This song came up on my New Release Radar playlist on Spotify. I really like the horn section and the feel good vibe of the song. I don’t get that good feeling from very many new songs these days.


Double Bicep Pose White

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