The Monday Morning Rip Off – 11/27/17

The Monday Morning Rip Off

Welcome to the Monday Morning Rip Off….

These are the 5 videos, articles, audio, and products that I have found over the past week that have helped me, interested me, or a lack of which totally fucked up my workout.


I fucking love this song by JJ Grey & Mofro. It is perfect for chilling out after a tough day. Turn up this song and just let your mind wander.


For five of the last six years, I have worked as a software engineer. Five months ago, I quit my job, traveled the world a bit, and started my own business. However, something has been missing. I realized over the past week that I am running from one of my greatest skills. For some reason, I developed a hatred for programming that was ill deserved.

So, over the last few days I started playing around with C and SQL and stumbled across the Codewars website. I am not quite ready to jump back into a big programming project, but I am enjoying the little challenges on Codewars. Also, their leveling up system is kind of addicting. If you are a programmer or aspiring programming, check it out.

Fitness Technology

I have always been the guy who keeps two records of his workout: a notebook and a phone app. However, I realized not to long ago that keeping both was a pain in the ass and, actually, wasted my time in the gym. Since, I am on the get rid of all my shit train, I tossed the notebook and went completely with my iPhone.

I used Jefit for the longest time, but to be honest it was too feature rich and had too many bugs. Now, I use The Gym Hero iPhone app and it works great for my application. Adding an exercise and keeping track of a workout is easy and kind of resembles using a notebook. Sure, the app has some slight glitches and bugs, but for the most part I couldn’t be happier with it.

Fitness Low Technology

Fucking Chalk.

I had the pleasure of working out at an Anytime Fitness this weekend that did not allow chalk. Normally, I would just ignore the signs and use chalk, but the little gym guy literally came over and took a picture of my chalk before I used it as evidence. As a result, I put my chalk up and went on with my workout.

Not having chalk wrecked my entire deadlift day! I could barely hold on to the bar and on my first set, a callous ripped. I ended up bleeding all over myself and the bar. Needless to say, it wasn’t a good workout.

One of the best pieces of low tech workout gear you can buy is Chalk. Trust me you have no idea how slick your hands really are until you put some chalk on and grab a bar. The difference is night and day.

Awesome Content

I joined the For The Interested newsletter a few months back and look forward to the content every week. Josh Spector does a killer job putting together a list of ten articles to read. You can check out the latest edition on Medium. Trust me…. You won’t be disappointed.

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