The Monday Morning Rip Off – 11/06/17

The Monday Morning Rip Off

Welcome to the Monday Rip Off….

These are the 5 videos, articles, audio, and products that I have found over the past week that have helped me, interested me, or fed my inner fat kid.

Pure Badassery

Jocko Willink and Jordan Peterson are two of the most unique people I have ever listened to. The two couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds. Jocko is a former Navy Seal and certified badass. Jordan is a psychologist and professor. Somehow they come together amazingly in this podcast and share much of the same insights but from completely different backgrounds. I absolutely love listening to the two talk. I promise you will be racing to get more content from both of them.

Fair Warning: The beginning of the podcast starts out with a very graphic and emotionally trying story. Stick it out. The podcast is amazing and, honestly, we need to be reminded that evil like what is described exists in this world.

Junk Food

My favorite thing about the Christmas season is all the great junk food. Three of the greatest became available this week in my area. Two I have never had and one is my favorite junk food of all time.

I am, of course, talking about Christmas Cookie Blue Bell, Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts, and Reese’s Christmas Trees!

  • Christmas Cookie Blue Bell – Not gonna lie…. I am not a Blue Bell fan. However, this Christmas Cookie stuff is amazing.
  • Sugar Cookie Pop-Tarts – Legitimately, my favorite Pop-Tart of all time. They actually taste like fucking sugar cookies. Holy crap.
  • Reese’s Christmas Trees – Don’t get me wrong, I love family time, presents, and all that other Christmas crap. However, Reese’s Christmas Trees are my favorite thing, hands down, about Christmas. Even better, now they make them in white chocolate and mini versions.


I am one of those dickheads that ordered an iPhone X. With Apple not having released their wireless charging pad (I am not paying $200 for the fucker anyway) and my current iPhone 7 case not going to fit the iPhone X, I have to find a wireless charger and a new case. After an exhaustive search for the charger, I settled on the following:

  • CHOETECH Wireless Charger – This wireless charger is only $14.99 with free shipping from Amazon. Fair warning, I have not actually used the charger yet, so it may be a pile of garbage. But at $14.99 it is disposable.
  • Rokform Rugged Case – I have used a Rokform case for the past five or so years. I couldn’t be happier with them. I have never had a broken, scratched, or damaged screen or phone in the five years I have used Rokform cases. On top of unmatched protection, the case has a magnet in the back that lets you stick it to anything metal. 100% worth the cost. Use coupon code lexandterry for a 10% discount.


The entire Mark Bell Powercast with Brian Shaw is awesome, but this section is pure gold. Brian’s description of making the hard choice when no one is looking completely hits home with me. Check it out and think about your life in context to the clip. Do you make the hard choices when no one is looking or just phone it in? I know there have been times I have just phoned it in.


This is my chill song. No matter how hard the day or what is going on in my life, this song calms me down and lets me clear my mind. I don’t listen to it nearly enough. Give it a listen and just let your mind wander.


Double Bicep Pose White

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