The Monday Morning Rip Off – 11/13/17

The Monday Morning Rip Off

Welcome to the Monday Rip Off….

These are the 5 videos, articles, audio, and products that I have found over the past week that have helped me, interested me, or gotten me out of bed in the morning.


Tractor Tire for Flipping

Who knew my new fitness addiction would be a simple tractor tire. To be fair, I have only gotten to use it one time, but I am already hooked. For me, this tire makes cardio fun. My “rest days’ are now going to be full of tire flips, deadlifts, farmer’s carries, and sledge hammer swings.

Give something like flipping a tire, sandbag carries, or farmer’s walks a try for your cardio. I don’t think you will be sorry. I wasn’t.


I recently started paying for Amazon Kindle Unlimited for one reason: Ian Fleming’s James Bond. I have read all the new(er) James Bond books and, of course, seen all the new movies, but the original James Bond is so much better. I am not going to lie,  the original James Bond is truly the man (spy) we all want to be, not the newer toned down James Bond. He exudes a masculinity and a skill level that is missing from all the new stuff.

I recommend you start from the beginning with Casino Royale and work your way through the entire series. You won’t be sorry!

Alarm Clock

This is my new alarm. For some reason, having this asshole bark orders at me first thing in the morning is motivating. It beats the shit out of that annoying ass tone on my iPhone. He also has an audio clip for when you hit the snooze button and need motivation for the gym. Check them all out. For instructions on how to use Spotify for your alarm, see this article.

Food – The Condiment Edition

Until January 1st, I am on the weight gain train….. and I am having a hard time getting in the amount of food I have to eat. I can only stomach so much chicken, rice, pasta, and pb & j’s before I get sick. Fortunately, I found G Hughes Sugar Free BBQ Sauce and Heinz Reduced Sugar Ketchup. These two sauces go a long way in breaking up the monotony of my meals and helping me add flavor without a ton of added prep time.

The great news? The are both, also, diet friendly with only 10 calories for the BBQ sauce and 5 for the Ketchup!


About two years ago, I started doing IT work on the side and have, since, made it a much larger portion of my income. When I first started I had no idea how to create invoices, make bids, and receive payments. I knew products like QuickBooks existed, but they were well out of my price range and had way more features than I would ever need.

Luckily, I found Wave. Wave allows me to invoice customers, keep track of income and expenses, track receipts, and run tax reports. Hell, it will even accept credit cards if I need to. Wave has done perfectly for everything I have needed and is free. Granted, I do not think Wave would work for a large company and I am not sure how it would perform if I had employees. However, for a freelancer or a small business getting started, I would certainly recommend giving Wave a shot.

Double Bicep Pose White

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