Put It All on the Table

Put it all on the table. Be Seen Be You.

That’s the essence of Be Seen Be You. To put it all out there and to hell with what people think about it.

I have sat down to write this post probably 10 times. Each time I have erased what I wrote because it sounds like I am writing it on a job application expecting to be judged for my answers. Ironically, this is 100% against the point of Be Seen Be You.

Who am I?

  • I love travelling.
  • I love the gym.
  • I love tattoos.
  • I love chicks who lift.
  • I love penguins and travelling the world to find them.
  • I love food of all types.
  • I love cooking on Saturdays.
  • I love the feeling you get from helping someone else.
  • I am fascinated by nutrition when it comes to gym performance.
  • I love a good joke especially if it is uncomfortable.
  • I need to work on my communication skills especially with women.
  • I am scared to death of horses and spiders.
  • I hate sitting at a desk everyday knowing that the world is just sitting there waiting to be seen and experienced.
  • I am fearful of letting people who are paying me for a service down. So much so I am sometimes fearful to even call them to get started.
  • I secretly want to be one of those people who gives no fucks when it comes to taking selfies and posting on social media in public.
  • I secretly want to do a powerlifting meet. Just because.
  • I am self conscious of eating healthy and constantly afraid of getting fat.
  • I don’t want children.
  • In society’s eye, I once had my shit together.
  • Hell, in my eyes, I once had my shit together.
  • I just realized that none of this stuff has to do with what I do for most of the day…… That might be a problem.

Why do you care?

Honestly, you probably don’t nor should you care about the specifics of who I am.

What is important is that I put it all out there. I’m sure most of the above seems insignificant, but some of it no one knows and most of it only family and close friends know. To the general public I don’t typically advertise that I don’t want children or that I am afraid of getting fat or even that I love penguins. Why not? Because I am afraid of being judged.

That’s the essence of Be Seen Be You and Nothing But Gains. To put it all out there and to hell with what people think about it. Be yourself with no apologies.

I am all of those things listed above plus whatever crazy shit I forgot to put in the list and it is time to start living that truth.

Does everyone have the ability to be yourself? Yep

Is being yourself for everyone? Nope

Is taking risks by going against society for everyone? Nope

Is it for you?

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